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The History of Kabbalah

magenThis is an excerpt from Rav Porush’s introduction to the Shaar HaShamayim printing of Sefer Sulam HaAliyah.  Sefer Sulam HaAliyah is a well known sefer that promotes the Abulafian system of Kabbalah, namely the letter permutation meditations.  Here Rav Porush offers first a brief history of Kabbalah and then a longer exposition on how the Ari’s Kabbalah was primarily a codification of what had gone before, as well as how the Ari was a recipient of the Abulafian system and how he passed it on to his own students.  I am sorry that this is only in Hebrew I have no time presently to translate it:

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6 thoughts on “The History of Kabbalah

  1. LenMinNJ on said:

    If someone had time for the effort, would you like to see it translated?

  2. Rabbi Meir Treibitz seems to propose a similar notion of the oral tradition of the kabbalah al pi ha’gra (as opposed to Rav Tzadok) in this shiur

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