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Shomrim Yeladim

It is incumbent upon all of us to protect our children and the children of our neighborhood.  So once again I want to make a serious point.  Please do not take your children to the Mikveh.  There are serious halakhic issues with children going to a Mikveh with their father.  Rav M. Sharabi ZTz”L forbid young men from going to Mikveh until they are married.

This becomes exponentially more important as we know that certain suspected predators are once again walking free with Nahalaot community.  This is not meant to impute guilt to anyone but simply as a toelet for the community.  The individuals who are currently accused of harming children are:

  1. Sidney “Skippy” Marcus (Under house arrest awaiting indictment)
  2. Benyamin Setz (still in jail under indictment)
  3. Naphtali Tzvi Zilberman (Under house arrest awaiting indictment)
  4. Yaakov Weisfish (Under house arrest awaiting indictment)
  5. Ben Tzion Pri Mashlanu (Still in jail under indictment)
  6. Zalman Kohen(he was previously convicted of rape.  Currently in police custody)

I have seen one of these individuals using the community Mikveh just today.  So please, please guard your children and leave them home.

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41 thoughts on “Shomrim Yeladim

  1. Apparently he (whoever he is) is not on house arrest, then? I think you should check this out. This person that you saw at the mikva, what is his status that he could attend the mikva? Make sure that he was allowed to do so according to his requirements. And most importantly, if he is in violation, for sure you should go down and report it to police. Probably he is supposed to be being chaperoned, which means you should have seen a family member with him.

    I think someone should confront him, right there in the mikva, about his chutzpa, and stress to him that he should at least have the decency to keep his privates covered in public, especially at this time when parents are outraged and would like nothing more than to alleviate him of these parts.

    I don’t know who it is you are actually talking about, but these are my thoughts.

    • The terms of his house arrest allow him to attend to his supposed religious needs and apparently some people think that it is a religious need to immerse the mikve daily. Chaperone or not(there are still unarrested suspects, some claim as many as twenty), if people take their children to the Mikveh(which I firmly believe that they should not) then they are being exposed(no pun intended) to these people.
      Considering the details of how they operated even if they were allowed no further than their own front porches, they would still be a continued danger to children.

  2. anonymous on said:

    Rabbi Tzadok, it seems like you avoided the questions. do you mean to say that he is allowed to attend his religious needs with out a chaperone? Or do they need a Chaperone everywhere they go?

    Do you think we should confront these people in public like Rocky proposed?
    What about embarressing them in public? is this allowed according to Halacha?
    What about posting their pictures and what they did all over Jerusalem?

    Thank you for your time

    • Some have been seen without a chaperone. However, unless several people go to the police, the police will treat your complaint as attempted harassment.

      As far as how they may be treated, and what can be done. I am not a posek on that level. That requires not only in depth knowledge of some of the more difficult simanim in Hoshen Mishpat, it also requires years of experience. Nor is a blog a place to seek a psak halakha. Personally I suggest that you contact one of the Gedolei HaDor and ask them directly. I have already published Rav Shternbuch’s phone number. He speaks both English and Hebrew, and both fluently. Contact him.

  3. Leah Amdur on said:

    Why are these pedophiles allowed into the mikvah,[Line edited out due to request from involved parents] Don’t allow them into the Mikvah
    Z raped women and is a pedophile, he is most probably homosexual as well
    Which Rabbi do these creeps follow. Are are all English speaking like Skippy and Z or are the others Israelis. What are the names of the other 20
    Leah Amdur

    • [Line edited out due to request from involved parents] Please refrain from hysterics, they do far more harm than any imagined good.

      How are they supposed to be stopped from going to the mikveh? That really is not an option(unless they are in prison). Which should be again shortly.

      More important to the matter is why do parents, contrary to the halakha take their children to the mikveh, or even more, contrary to the hok medina allow their children to go unattended by their parents?

      As far as Rabbi… I am sure that many have their own Rabbis. Or maybe none at all. The only one that anyone has ever claimed was “protected” by any Rabbi was Z.

      In clarifying that rumor, I found that it was not the Eida as was the most recent motzei shem ra to go out about this. However, at a point some years ago Rav Nahum Eisenstein(who heads the Geirut B”D for Rav Eliashiv and was instrumental in Leib Troppers rise and failed[B”H] defense) spoke for him. Whether he continues to do so or not, I do not know, and really don’t currently have the trouble to verify. He may be contacted at 05404113230.

      However, it should be noted that just because he supported Z. some years ago, does not mean that he still does. In addition given recent events, I’m not so sure that anything he might say to different Rabbanim in defense of someone like Z. would be take very seriously. He has been shown to be a rather poor judge of character in such instances.

      However, as Z. is not currently a suspect in this particular case, it really does not seem to matter.

    • Pancakes on said:

      Leah you fool – if a man is raping women he is not homosexual. Perhaps if you idiots had spent more time focusing on the issue of child-rapists instead of concerning yourself with what consenting adults do in their own houses, this problem would not be so widespread now.

      • As far as I am concerned a man’s sexual orientation is between him and HaShem(his acting on it equally so). While homosexuality is an aveira(though interestingly not one that the Neviim saw fit to drash about over much), So long as it is between consenting adults, I agree by and large it is no one’s business, and should be dealt with no different than those who transgress any of the other mitzvot, with love and compassion. A subject I have already dealt with(though concerning a different aveira).

        The only issue that concerns me here is the protection of children. That is my first last and only concern.

    • I understand your concern but please note that the vast, overwhelming majority of pedophiles are heterosexuals, not homosexuals.

      Next question is what do we do with the presumption of innocence? These people are accused but none have yet to be found guilty.

      • As far as presumption of innocence, one has a prior conviction. He is pointing the finger at another as his partner in this current mess. So for one I’m sure he not “innocent”.

        As far the the others, innocent or not, that there is a police investigation, that the police have had enough evidence to arrest them(means more than probable cause in this country because individual officers can be sued for false arrest), and so forth, there is ample reason for people to be warned and to take added cautions with their children around these suspects.

        If it turns out for one or more that it was all a terrible misunderstanding, that is an easier situation to fix, then a harmed child.

  4. Like I said before, the parents should know what the pedophiles requirements are. Are there any parents here online who can confirm the requirements?

    If you do see a suspected pedophile violating his requirements, you are a hero for going down to report it. The more people who see and report, the more likely he will go back to jail to await trial, which could take months and months.

    We filed against a pedophile last Sukkot. His criminal trial is finally set for a day in Feb. Other than 6 days of jail, he’s been (nearly) free. People have seen him violate his requirements (but nothing as serious as being seen in a mikva), but no one wants to take the time to go down and file a complaint.

    This is a shame. Take the time to find out what is going on, and be actively involved in protecting the children.

    If you really can’t find out the requirements from a parent, then you can go down as a concerned citizen, especially after seeing him at the mikva if there were any children there (of any age, and even if you think the parents are negligent). It is for sure a violation for *him* to be there when there are children, so they need to update his stipulations, that he must go accompanied/chaperoned and when there are no children.


    • leah amdur on said:

      I’ll write a letter to the pedophile sqad
      Take a picture of them breaking the terms or better still a video
      Send me the evidence on tape I will write it out, reduce it to an affidavit, send it back to the person who will sign it and then we can send it as written evidence to the pedophile squad and they will act on it
      If the pedophiles threaten or intimidate anyone that is a separate criminal offence and their house arrest will be suspended and they will be returned to jail to await trial
      Who is the pedophile who will go to trial in February what is his name and where does he live

      One of the pedophiles in the Nachlaot case lures children into his house with candies so even while he is on house arrest he still continues to get them into his house and molest them

  5. leah amdur on said:

    All men should watch out to see that no children are harmed in the Mikvah. I was told that there was a man in the mikveh masturbating in front of the children today
    Don’t only watch the known pedophiles there are apparently another 20 who are still going to be questioned. There are a lot of perverts who frequent mikvaot. Please keep your eyes open. I think that cameras should be placed in all mikvahs. Like the cameras that captured Leibi Kletzky’s murdered and the cameras that captured the rioters in England
    If we had this equipment we wouldn’t have such a hard job convincing the prosecution

    • Children have absolutely NO place in the mikvah. That is the start and the finish of it. The Gemarra on Pesachim 51a(as well as the Rashi and the Tosefot there) say that it is forbidden for a person to bathe with their father, their brothers, step father, or brothers in law. The Rif(Pesachim 17a), the Ran(there) the Rosh(4:3), the Tur and the Shulhan Arukh(Even HaEzer 23:6) bring this down as Halakha stating: עוד אסרו בגמרא לרחוץ עם אביו ואחיו ובעל אמו ובעל אחותו,”They also forbade in the Gemarra to wash with his father, his brothers, his stepfather, and his brothers in law.” The Remah brings down that in his his times it was permitted since they didn’t enter fully nude but wore some sort of swim trouser. However he says where they do enter fully nude this is still a problem.
      Despite his leniency, the later meforshim argue on him. The Taz(Y”D 153:3) Arukh HaShulhan Evan HaEzer 23:8 and the Beit Hillel 23:6 state that there is only to be lenient where the people mamash wear swim trunks, and that aside from that it is an issur gamur.
      The Beit Shmuel EH”E 23:8 The Hilkat Mechokek there 23:8 Biur HaGra 23:16 Be’er Hetiv 23:6 all say with swim trunks or without it is an issur.

      Furthermore the mikvah is only to settle issues of Tumat Keri and so forth. No child under 13 has a worry about that, so no child under 13 has any need for the mikvah.

      The law of Israel is that a child under 15 may not enter the mikvah without his father. So we are caught between the law(never mind the need to mind and protect our children) and the halakha, so no children should not be brought to the mikvah.

      If you want more than that, the Baba Sali(in the name of his grandfather Avir Yaakov), Rav M. Sharabi, and Rav Kaduri(in the name of R’ Shimon Algasi in the name of the Ben Ish Hai) all said, “If a father wishes to ensure that his son grows up to be an Am Ha’Aretz allow him to enter the mikvah before his wedding night.”

      So in the end I am going to say it again. Children have absolutely no business in the mikvah. It is the duty and responsibility of every parent to guard their children and part of that is keeping them out of the mikvah.

  6. leah amdur on said:

    Unless I am totally mistaken the children like to go to the mikvah before the holidays, they go before Rosh Hashanah in droves

    Maybe a notice should be put up at all mikvaot denying them entry
    The fathers should also supervise their children in the beit knesset the fathers are very wrapped up in their tefillah and the children are running around outside unspervised

    Children should not roam the streets unsupervised all day like they do in Israel, that is why Israel is such a pedophile paradise

    • It really doesn’t matter what children want if my children want a cheeseburger, I’m not going to give it to them. Assur is assur.
      As far as father’s being “wrapped up in their tefilla” that is also a halakha. During the Amida and its repetition(which can take an incredibly long time depending on tradition) it is forbidden for a person to move for anything, even if a poisonous snake is wrapped around his leg. So quite simply by their religious obligations fathers are unable to give child care during large portions of the Rosh HaShanna service.
      You said, Children should not roam the streets unsupervised all day like they do in Israel, that is why Israel is such a pedophile paradise While your absolute pronouncements are at times amusing they are just as often wrong. Interpol has listed Israel as one of the top nations for many forms of sex crime, including human trafficking. It also has one of the lowest levels of enforcement and prosecution of those same crimes. In one case a convicted pedophile lived here in Israel for over a decade as the police were unable to find him for extradition.
      Do you mind if I ask you what is your interest in this case? You are not one of the parents of the children. You do not live in the neigborhood. Yet you seem to be gathering and dispersing information that may or may not be helpful to the case.

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  8. leah amdur on said:

    Since I came to Israel 16 years ago I have had pedophilia in front of my eyes very often. My two sons went to Yeshivah Beit Echiezer in Ashkelon. The menahel of the Yeshivah told them this is not South Africa there is a disease in this country never be alone with another man. I was horrified. Then I started to notice the reports in the newspapers about pedophiles, There was a case in 1998 where a dati leumi Rabbi had been abusing boys in the mikva. I was a criminal lawyer, family lawyer and real estate lawyer in SA. Pedophilia was not a common crime in SA, murder and rape were. I am a lawyer in Israel and I often get women coming to me whose children have been molested. My eldest son who went to a yeshivah gedolah in Jerusalem, told me that there were 2 bochurim sodomizing a 3rd who was almost special ed. The police were involved in that case. I was so disgusted I told him to leave the yeshivah he laughed at me and said if I leave this one and go to another one there will be sodomites there as well its very common.
    In South Africa there was the death penalty for pedophilia, rape and murder under the Apartheid regime.
    I hate pedophilia and I ran into Z 6 years ago, some women came to see me and told me that he had raped them, Sadly they did not have the courage to persue the case. Pedophilia is one of the crimes I hate the most I really want to get these and all the pedophiles in Israel behind bars and I would also like the death sentence to be passed and see them all hang

    I cannot stand the hareidi attitude to pedophilia which has been to turn a blind eye and to brush it under the carpet, to give a reprimand to the pervert and make him move to another neighborhood. BH now with this case the disease has been exposed for all to see. The police cannot believe how large this case is and the non-hareidim in Israel did not know it was such a deep seated problem in the hareidi community.. It is up to all of us to fight it head on and try and obliterate it.

    I know the halochas of tefillah but I think that fathers should not take small children to the Beit HaKnesset if they cannot look after them. I know that the mothers want to sleep on shabbos but these children are a nuisance to everyone. In South Africa we used to had a childrens’ service and the children were taken care of so they did not disturb us

    I agree with you totally that children should not go to the mikva even on erev Shabbos and chagim. I do know that when the electricity prices soared I was told that families with lots of boys go to the mikvah and shower there because it saves on the water bill.

    The problem with Israel is that the hareid children have very few activities to do in their spare time and they often have nowhere to play. They also live ih tiny diras with no gardens

    They definitely need to be supervised all the time. I lived on the 3rd floor in Zevin in Neve Yaacov near a vacant piece of land and what the children used to get up to would surprise people. A child of 9 is not allowed to cross the road alone and they should not be left alone to do as they please all day. There is a big problem with pirchachim in many neighborhoods.
    Teenage hareidim who drug drink and break into houses and rob. Most of them are victims of abuse and bochurim who couldn’t learn Torah.

    With all due respect to the Israeli hareidi community which has a lot of good in it, I think it has failed. I could not understand why the Rabbi made such a big deal of the gay parade when they had so much pedophilia in their midst which they ignored

    Its time that we clean up our society and get rid of all the sheker

  9. What does house arrest consist of? How are they monitored? I know of one recent case (not of pedophilia) where the man was awaiting extradition and under house arrest. He had a minder who accompanied him to shul. This man was never alone.

    How can Benyamin Setz be out? He confessed. How can the testimony of 50 children be thrown out? What about the video tapes?
    This is thoroughly frustrating.

    • The terms here are not much different. Technically they are allowed to leave their home to shop and attend their religious needs, so long as they have a chaperone(I am trying to clarify whether the chaperone needs to be a family member or not, but with some I don’t think that is possible, so I am guessing not). However, that does not keep them from breaking those rules.
      What is needed is for people to report them to the police. The police have stated that they will not act on the report of a single person, because some of the individuals have already complained of being harrassed(cunning they are). Unfortunately many of the locals have been threatened and intimidated in various ways.
      Take for example a rumor that I have dealt with here that the Eida was in support of the suspects. Many of these families are Eida affiliated, so when they were being told that they were going against the Rabbanim of the Eida they became frightened. Unfortunately the people who thought they were being helpful by informing everyone and anyone that they had “heard this” actually did considerable damage. That is just one of several examples that I could give of rumors(I suspect started by the suspects or their supporters) that have been spread by well meaning people who are not really involved, but for some strange reason would like to be, that have lead to a situation now where parents don’t really trust the police, prosecutor, ect… and are now operating under what is really a false impression that the police don’t want to help.

  10. leah amdur on said:

    Z raped women and he is a pedophile

    I know marriedavreichim who are homosexual
    It seems everything goes these days
    CV there are enough crazies out there
    I you list well on Yom Kipur it does say in the Torah that a man shall not lie with a man
    This is sodomy and that is why Hashem wiped out Sdom, there is no such thing as consenting male adults in Judaism
    Leibi Kletzky’s pervert was married and I don’t know if he was a pedophile as well, but I am sure he was a psychopath which the pedophiles in the Nachlaot case most probably are as well
    Men always rush to the defence of other men. Its not surprising that you are splitting hairs

    • Amanda Elkohen on said:

      If you would prefer a woman’s perspective, here it is: in my studies about Pedophilia, it is EXTREMELY rare for a man to be excited by relations with women, other men, AND children. That does not preclude them from actually DOING these things, when necessary, but it is usually the case that they must think about whichever thing excites them to perform the act with a different group. One exception to this is Sadists. They derive sexual pleasure by giving pain. it’s possible that Zalman is a sadist. Given what I have heard about him, it would seem the most logical answer.
      Yes, many pedophiles are married. So are many gay men, some of them even with Children. You’re starting to sound less and less logical with each successive post, like a monkey in a boxing match, swinging wildly, hoping to hit something. it’s really not helpful, and actually may be harmful to the image of the victims and their families. please restrain yourself.

    • Wow that is nearly incoherent.

      To make some corrections. Sdom was not destroyed on account of sodomy. Our sages clearly say otherwise. Sdom was destroyed because of its sadistic nature toward strangers.

      There is such a thing as consenting adults within Judaism. If a man ChV”Sh rapes another man, the latter is not chayiv at all. Hence quite clearly the Torah taught that there are consenting adults. Nor is Sodomy the greatest aveira in the Torah, injustice is, as the Tur points out at great length in the first Siman of Hoshen Mishpat.

      Now coming back to your involvement in this case. I have tried to say it gently, but you didn’t get the hint, so here it is bold and clear. PLEASE STOP. Your actions are helping the suspects. Ask any of Zalman Kohen’s prior victims, this case needs to be won in public arena if there is to be any hope of winning it in the judicial arena. The voice you are attempting to give to the victims is beginning to sound more and more hysterical, as if some sort of which hunt. So again, for the sake of the children, for the sake of the parents, for the sake of those of us who live in the community, please, PLEASE stop.

      • The problem is that at least one of Zalman Kohen’s ‘victims” flaps her mouth off and makes up outright untruths about people whenever she feels like it. She lives in Nachlaot and she should be shown the door. The women who are after him will destroy any case against him with their exaggerated hysterias. I understand he may be a pervert, but if they want him to sit in prison, then please start behaving sensibly so that the police and judges won’t ignore valid testimony as so much dreck!

        The children involved here deserve justice and any hysterical rampages won’t help them!

      • The problem is that at least one of Zalman Kohen’s ‘victims” flaps her mouth off and makes up outright untruths about people whenever she feels like it. The women who are after him will destroy any case against him with their exaggerated hysterias. I understand he may be a pervert, but if they want him to sit in prison, then please start behaving sensibly so that the police and judges won’t ignore valid testimony as so much dreck!

        The children involved here deserve justice and any hysterical rampages won’t help them!

  11. leah amdur on said:

    What is your involvement in the case. How do we know that you are not supporting the pedophiles

    There is enough DNA evidence to nail all of them

    Why are you justifying homosexuality.

    They will never win in the public arena. They will not win at all.

    • Wow…

      My involvement is one of my children, and trying to stamp out harmful rumors from nutters like you, who do things like pass around rumors that the Eidah is supporting the pedophiles and thus by your rumors you intimidate parents so that they no longer want to cooperate with the police.

      I am not justifying homosexuality, I am simply refuting your irrational hatred of it.

      As far as the suspects winning in the public arena… they already are. Because of the false rumors that nutters like you pass around, that parents believe and then repeat as fact to the press. Kol HaKavod, you and others like you have made what should have been a slam dunk into an uphill battle.

      Zalman Kohen, in his previous convictions should have been the same. But again, because of people like you, he got all of six months in prison.

      One last thing. Welcome to the banned list.

  12. leah amdur on said:

    Hi Amanda

    When was Zalman convicted of rape and do you know who he raped?
    Can you publish the address of the HaAretz report
    Has the case appeared on Channel 2 yet

    We all have an interest in this case if these pedophiles do come out on house arrest and if they do move into other neighborhoods we need to know their names and have their pictures so we can prevent them molesting our children and grandchildren

    Also often if you publish name other victims from previous years come forward. These pedophiles didn’t suddenly start molesting children this year they have been doing it for a life time


  13. Shalom Rabbi
    With all the respect you deserve I am not clear why Leah Amdur’s comments are not valuable for the parents of this neighborhood. I, as a resident of Nachlaot and a mother , feel that her comments are beneficial and even helpful. She makes some very good points and of course she is upset and hates pedophiles so what? I am sure many of us now hate them too. One of Leah’s very good point is that kids in the haredi neighborhoods walk around unsupervised and they shouldn’t. I, as a haredi mother, not israeli, I am in shook of watching the relax attitude haredi mothers have regarding children playing outside unsupervised. I for sure think that this lack of supervision makes our community into a very easy and attractive place for these sick men to do what they want.
    I pray Hashem will do justice and hopefully all of us parents, residents and whoever wants to help will do hishtadlus to put this evil men in jail so this neighborhood will be better place for our children.

    • Rachel her parenting advice aside(though a number of the parents involved claim that they never let their children out of their sight) the primary reasons that Leah’s comments are not helpful are these:
      1) Many of them consist of rumor and speculation. She was one of the people spreading the rumor that the Eida HaChareidit was working to protect the suspects. That rumor, no rumor is too light a word… vicious lie about the Eida, alone was hugely damaging.
      2) Many of her comments devolve into rants against homosexuals. When in fact the two are not synonyms. To win this you are going to need a secular judge and a secular prosecutor, and secular police(some of whom may be homosexuals or have sympathies in that direction out of spirit of librality) to help you.

      Those are two of several reasons. If that does not suffice, then I am sorry.

  14. rachel on said:

    I understand and I agree with your two points. Regarding the fact that parents never let their children out of their sight I believe it is happening now. But what about before, where these parents also keeping always an eye on them. No. My daugther went to to gan there and I saw for many months what was going on there. Many small girls not even 4 year olds walked back home by themselves. Children played unsupervised in that courtyard. Small 5 year old girls would baby sit their younger brothers and sisters. I am sure now parents are scared and are not allowing their kids out of their sight after such a tragedy. But what about the other haredi communities? what about Meashearim, Geula, Sorotzkin, Givat Shaul? Are parents aware in these communities of what is going on in Nachlaot? Most haredim do not read newspapers. Have these news been published in haredi magazines or anywhere that you know?
    A couple of days ago I spoke to a very dear Rebetzin I know for many years. I asked her how it it possible that in our community we are so careful with keeping the purity of our chidlren, we do not expose them to unmodest anything,we protect them from the outside influence in all kinds of ways but on the other hand all over haredi neighborhoods we see small children playing unsupervised either at the park or downstairs of their buildings or going shopping, etc.
    she aswer me the most interesting thing “what is wrong with that?” It is a frum neighborhood why not? I did not wanted to tell her what happened in our neighborhood because it was just not the right time to speak about that. So I just said but things can happen to the children,maybe they can get hurt or they can meet bad people that can hurt them.
    she said to me “what do you mean? in a frum neighborhood 99 per cent chances the kids are save and you have nothing to worry about.
    I could not believe what I was hearing so I asked her “do you know what happened in my neighborhood?” she didn’t . She lives 10 minute walk from us and she had no idea of what happened to all these innocent children.
    Her response regarding the safety of chlldren in haredi neighborhoods. What is the reality and the statistics. Do you have any information I can look into. What has happened in our neighborhood to what extend is also happening in other haredi neighborhoods ?
    I am sorry for asking you so many questions in one post. Whatever you can answer I would be very happy to read and I really appreciate your postings, your concern and all the help you are giving the community.

  15. Rabbi, some people in Nachlaot also throw around the phrase pedophile needlessly. It doesn’t help anyone in Am Yisrael to spread rumors and Motzi Sehm Ra!

  16. Zev Padway on said:

    Quit arguing amongst yourselves!!!! Do things that make a difference. Every park should have both police and pairs of parents or some sort of Shomerim that are watching the children! Mikvas also should have respectable known guards. Their needs to be such an outcry from the community that something needs to be done. If people can gather in tents to protest “Social Justice” than for sure people can get together and protest children being raped. We are not talking about an isolated case with one sick person and a few victims. There is group of these guys and who knows how many children. People need to hit the streets and make such a loud noise that the city and the major and the Rabbis must do whatever is necessary to protect the children. This should be the #1 priority!!!! I am still talking to parents in Jerusalem that have no idea this is happening! Every Rabbi needs to be talking about this and everyone needs to be aware to educate their children and themselves on what to look for. Come on people!!! Enough of the BS. Do something!!!!!

  17. philip silverstone on said:


  18. Shalom my beloved Brother;

    In one of your comments it was written, “the majority of pedophiles are heterosexual” I humbly disagree. I am a behavioral scientist, those public stats are woefully incorrect. Just so you know. Those who molest girls, do so as
    an act of resistance to their homosexual inclinations. Boys are the majority of victims, in the EU, US and Islamic countries. They rarely tell out of fear and shame. Forgive me, but where is the בית דין in times such as these? They
    could cast out the wicked ones and forbid them access to these children. I firmly believe that anyone who harms one
    of these little ones that trust in Ha’Shem, on the day of judgment, it would be better had that man never been born.

    Shalom my brother;


  19. Rabbi, I live in Nachlaot – can you post pictures of these men so I can recognize them and avoid them?

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