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Shalom Bayit from Beyond the Grave

I have an interesting Chavruta worked out.  He is a mohel and shochet, and is teaching me those things and I am teaching him Kabbalah and Kavvanot.  We had been learning the Kavvanot of Matbeah brakha(the basic Barukh Ata HaShem).  Actually we learned them some time ago, but have been working to review them and deeper our understanding especially as to how they relate to the Eitz Haim… long story… anyway…   So my Chavruta decided he wanted to start saying the Matbeah Brakha(after Shavuot) for his Shabbat Seudah.  We managed to obtain for him a copy of Rav Benayahu Shmueli’s siddur, Or Shabbat(out of print).

He took the siddur home full of excitement and showed his wife.  I don’t know what kind of reception he was expecting, but apparently it was not the one he got.  His wife was not happy, not happy at all.  I’m not going to revisit all of the details as he gave them over to me, but apparently she felt that the kavvanot took too much time, her time, the children’s time so on and so forth.  Valid complaints in a sense as they do take quite a bit longer than the normal seder.

In the midst of this my Chavruta decided he wouldn’t respond, he would just take it in and ask my advice and that of some of the Rabbanim when he came back to the Yeshiva on Yom Rishon.  However the story did not end there.

The next morning when he comes home from davening shaharit, his wife is waiting for him.  She starts begging his forgiveness for all the things she said the night before.  He asked her why the sudden change of heart.  She told him that Rav Mordechai Sharabi ZTz”L came to her in her dream the previous night and said, “Why are you afflicting your husband so?  Why are you afflicting your family so?  Your husband has labored to learn out to properly mekaven the matbeah brakha and you afflict him and hold him back.  Do you know what kind of shefa you are cutting off from your home and your family?”

So he comes into the Yeshiva on Yom Rishon and all a bother.  He asks me if I had ever heard of something like this.  So I take him to talk to Rav Shalom Shmueli Shlit”a the successor of Rav Morechai Sharabi ZTz”L.  He looks at me and smiles, and says, “Why are you surprised?  I told you how many time that Rav Mordechai promised to always watch over and guard those who came to his Yeshiva to learn Torat HaSod.”  So apparently Rav Sharabi even handles the occasional Shalom Bayit issue.

Take the story or leave it.  I know it is a bit spookier than the normal fare that can be found here.  But that is how I heard it.

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13 thoughts on “Shalom Bayit from Beyond the Grave

  1. pilot on said:

    Out of interest, is Rav Shalom Shmueli related to Rav Benayahu? And are the two any relations to Rav Mordechai? Also how is Rav Mordechai related to Rav Shalom Sharabi (the rashash), if you know?

    • Rav Benayahu is Rav Shalom’s middle son.

      Neither are related to Rav Mordechai, Rav Mordechai had no children. Rav Shalom tells me that when Rav Mordechai was younger he had some sort of dream experience in which HaShem told him that it was decreed in heaven that he had to chose between having children or having a Yeshiva of true mekavvenim. He chose the latter.

      Rav Mordechai came from the same town in Yemen(Sharab) as the Rashash, so if they are related it is several hundred years removed.

  2. what else info does this mean also there is a story from greece that dybbyk came to someone

    • It means what it says, nothing more nothing less.

      As far as dybukim… I don’t put a lot of stock in it. Most people who claim dybukim, especially publicly where the story goes around are simply those who need to see a mental health professional.
      If a person had an actual dybuk, I am sure they would find the situation rather embarassing, and wouldn’t want it or themselves publicized at all. Likewise they would seek out a Rav who would handle the situation with discretion.

      • what more information did rav sharabie say about stuff to come is there more info he said in dream of jews living with jews or jews coming to isral makeing aliyah can we expect something big in the next few weeks because what happen //

      • Last time. Everything he said in the dream is written in the post. Nothing more nothing less. Now please move off of your delusions.

  3. Yeshivat haMekubalim Kol Yehudah v'Eliyahu on said:

    It is told (by my husband who received it from his rav, etc…) that haRav Mordechai Sharabi had a talmid who was a real talmid chacham in the pshat, but struggled for more than a year with learning the kavanot of Rabbeinu Rashash. He gave up the learning, but Rav Sharabi pleaded him not to continue – without success. Shortly later, the talmid chacham passed away and came to the rav in a dream saying, “All the Torah that I knew was not enough to earn me a place in Gan Eden. However, the year I spent learning the kavanot, even though I didn’t understand them, was enough. Todah rabah.”
    The kavanot are the ikar of the kabbalah, and should be supported at all cost. Kol hakavod to your chavruta and his wife!

  4. This is a Gishmak story, thanks for sharing!

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