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Laying Tefillin Sephardi Style…

I did this video in response to a lot of email requests I have been getting lately asking how to lay Tefillin according to what is written in the Shaar HaKavvanot and then later codified by the Ben Ish Hai.  As a disclaimer I am not saying, nor do I intend that this is “the right way” to lay Tefillin, or that Tefillin must be laid this way, or that laying Tefillin according to any other tradition is some how inferior.  I am simply saying that this is the minhag mekubalim which was codified by the Ben Ish Hai and thus has become Halakha according to Sephardim.

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9 thoughts on “Laying Tefillin Sephardi Style…

  1. Very nice video.

    Any chance that will you make a video that shows how you wear tefillin during shachrit? I’ve always been curious to see how one fits two pairs of tefillin on their arm and head at the same time.

  2. Do you not wrap any times above the elbow. I thought some people make a shin there or wrap there to shorten the amount of retzuyot that will end up on the hand. Is that true?

  3. I remember reading that post actually. :-)

    I was guessing that exceptions might be made in the case of hinuch, and that post seemed to be more about people who allow themselves to be seen in public.

    But I could very well be wrong; I’m obviously not well-versed in the halacha.

  4. Can you please source the statement “According to Sepharadi, we only put the Tefilin on with Talit.”

  5. what happened to covering your tefillin with the talit to the forhead? the ben ish hai says to do it.

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