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Dag Chazir update and Pesach Alert

pig fishI got some flack about my post regarding the Dag Chazir.  Apparently I confused the hog-carp(carpioscrofa) with another fish with similar properties namely the actual pig-fish.  Some of my readers pointed out to me that the latter’s proper classification is carpiosus.  While they both are from the same Genus there is apparently considerable variation in appearance between the two subspecies.  As you can see from the picture of the hog-fish it has dull grey and silver scales.  Whereas the the pig-fish has pinkish scales.

Pigfish2I have also been told that there is considerable difference in the texture and flavor of the two fish.  My apologies for the confusion.  Hebrew apparently doesn’t make a distinction and neither do any of the Rabbanim previously consulted.  However for accuracy sake I thought I would post this update.

In other news there is great reason from Purim like joy on Pesach this year.  Finally the Rabbanim have done it.  After years of needing to subsist on Arak and Slivovitz(plum brandy) this year you can lift your l’chaim in style with a premium single malt-scotch.  Now if that isn’t reason to bake some matza-meal hamantaschian I don’t know what is.

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